FEBRUARY 28, 2023
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5 Traits to Consider When Hiring Nursery Labour in Abbotsford BC

Managing a nursery is tedious work. There are various jobs that take a long time and also need human resources. Hence, it becomes necessary to take assistance from professionals. However, when it comes to choosing Nursery Labour in Abbotsford BC, the main problem becomes the shortage of manual labour. In addition, you are required to consider the ability of the employees to satisfy your work needs. Contacting a consultancy to appoint the workers for your nursery work may become a great help for you.

Regardless, you should consider the following traits when looking for skilled workers:

Experience of the workers

Working in a nursery requires a significant amount of experience. As your workers will be responsible for taking care of the plants and trees, they should have previous work experience in the field. Hiring skilled Nursery Labour in Abbotsford BC, reduces the chances of plants dying due to negligence or lack of experience. They will keep your plants healthy so they can be sold to your customers. Besides, a proficient worker can identify when the right time to sell the plants is and can also explain to your clients the proper way to nurture and grow them.

Knowledge of plant care

Knowledge is power! Be it solving complicated mathematical solutions or caring for plants, without proper knowledge, things are bound to fail. Thus, you should always focus on the theoretical and practical knowledge of the employees when engaging in Nursery Labour in Abbotsford, BC. It can help you avoid mistakes as they are well aware of the proper way to nurture plants and flowers. For example, choosing the right type of fertilizer, watering the plants regularly, using the right paste control, etc.

Stamina in doing manual labour

Taking care of a nursery requires a lot of manual work. You ought to take care of several types of plants, which require different conditions for healthy growth. You must work long hours for various reasons, including shifting the plants often, so they have enough sunlight, monitoring plant growth, using pesticides, etc. They may also need to work outdoors for hours. Thus, the workers should have good health and enough strength and stamina to do the task asked. So, when looking for a consultancy for Nursery Labour in Abbotsford, BC, consider their ability to work in rough circumstances.

Flexibility of employees

When recruiting Nursery Labour in Abbotsford, BC, for your plant nursery, look for individuals who have flexible work schedules. Nurturing plants is exhausting work where you have to pay special attention to the saplings, or they may die. Even a small change in the fertilizer mixer can hinder the growth of the crops. So, it is crucial to observe the growth every day. Besides, you need to meet the client’s demands and ship the plants accordingly. Having workers who are willing to work flexible work hours reduces your burden.

Ability to use different equipment

For performing different horticultural tasks, a nursery worker needs to be able to use various tools and equipment, including cultivators, wheelbarrows, disc harrows, shovels, etc. If they are not used to utilizing the advanced tools, it may slow the whole process. Therefore, you should look for a consultancy for Nursery Labour in Abbotsford, BC. They have a team of skilled workers who have undergone special training and can use the equipment well.