JANUARY 31, 2023
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How to Solve Your Problems with Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC?

Are you having issues hiring Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC? The shortage of labor in the agriculture sector has become one of the alarming issues in developed countries such as Canada and the US. One of the major reasons behind this is the lack of interest in farming.

Individuals are avoiding the agriculture sector as it requires hard work and has a poor income. Moreover, workers who work in the sector are required to spend hours and hours in the scorching sun and offer manual labor, which can get destroyed due to natural disasters. Hence, you may suffer from finding labor for your farm or nursery.

Regardless, you can overcome the crisis by employing a few strategies, such as:

Practice Sustainable Farming

One of the most convenient ways to reduce the burden of Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC is to induce sustainable farming practices rather than conventional ones. These new practices, like rotational and winter grazing, planting cover crops, and using shelterbelts and windbreaks, are scientifically proven and can double the amount of crop production. Moreover, these techniques reduced the time required for farming as well as the need for manual labor.

Utilize advance Technology

You can take assistance from science to reduce your need for labor for agricultural needs. The technological progress in the agriculture industry has progressed at a very fast rate. You can take assistance from instruments and devices like Power Harrow, Leveler, water bowser, ripper machine, drones, etc. These machines can be used in watering plants, cutting crops, overlooking your farm, and many more. Although it may not be possible to replace the need for Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC entirely, you can reduce the need to a certain extent.

Hire Refugee Labour

Canada is a well-developed country that offers a standard lifestyle for its residents. Hence, the state receives applications from thousands of immigrants who wish to move into Canada. Besides, the immigration department of Canada allows foreigners to enter and live in Canada in return for fulfilling the labor shortage in the country. You can utilize this opportunity to hire immigrant workers for Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC for a temporary amount of time to satisfy your job requirements. They can assist you in operating agricultural machinery, planting, care, harvesting or preparation of crops, etc.

Provide right Wage

Wage is one of the most concerning factors in the agriculture sector. Working on a farm requires several hours of manual labor. Workers ought to perform several duties, such as taking care of poultry houses, barns, pen disinfection, etc. However, the wage they receive often is not satisfying. Hence, most laborers seek different job opportunities than staying in the agriculture sector. Hiring Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC, you are required to pay at least the minimum wage to workers. Moreover, you should provide your permanent as well as temporary employees with incentives and enough leaves, so they feel motivated.

Seek an agency

If it is difficult to find Agri-labour for your required work, you may also consider engaging with an agency that provides labor. They have skilled employees who excel in the Agricultural field and can assist with your concern. We at Dhillon Contractor Ltd have twenty-one years of experience in providing Agri Labour in Abbotsford BC to our clients and helping with your needs. For more information, click here.